Welcome to this testing wip!

I am very sorry for any eyestrain or annoyance caused by my inexperience! /gen , i update it like 50 times an hr and idk any other way to do it, plus this background will not change :(

I do not know what i am doing but,,,dkdm!!.

please remember I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING! pretend this site does not exist

if you for some reason wanna know about me, hi! my name is max or meowmeow (yes i know its dumb but i love using funny names online!!) im turning 14 on 3/29/22! im an autistic non binary dude, who also happens to be a osdd system! we switch between using I and we a lot, sorry if that is confusing!

some of our hobbies and interests atm, ft rambling !

if anyone has any tips for me, or ya just wanna chat, please feel free to contact me at caffeinated #6918 on discord !! NOTE!: please dont be weird or try to be friends if you are an adult! not personal, its just weird since i am 13 :)

To do:

im still trying to learn but the only thing i have is a school chromebook , send help please

things just for ease of access for myself rn, ignore pls

html test